Presentations by the English Speaking Union and Denis Rattle

During my stay in England, I was approached by a gentleman, Ronald Fredenburg.

He became interested in my work through another contact. This resulted in an engagement in Liverpool where I was presented at the Crane Theater in two solo concerts. The President of that organization in Liverpool was one Denis Rattle. Over some months and correspondence the program and publicity was arranged and the two concerts were very successful. I performed my usual lengthy repertoire and had a pianist, guitarist, and singer for support. The concert was attended by the Lord Mayor of Liverpool and representative of the Spanish Consul. An excellent review resulted. Also included in the itinerary was a master class I gave for a dance school in that city.

One interesting facet of this experience was the family of Denis Rattle which consisted of his wife and two children, a daughter, a pianist, and a small boy, Simon, who was fascinated with drums. Both were extremely talented.

Denis and his young son, Simon, came backstage when I arrived at the theater with my accompanists. I could see how bright and eager he was when we were introduced.

My husband and I were invited to stay at the Rattle residence as guests and the morning after the first concert, Mrs. Rattle herself brought up a breakfast tray to our room and handed a newspaper to me saying “Your press, Madame”!

We were treated royally. We also were invited out to a night club where we were entertained by the show of singers and dancers.

The outstanding part of this story is a surprising one. Simon Rattle grew up to become the famous world-renowned conductor. Years later, my husband and I attended a performance in Los Angeles and lecture by Simon Rattle and verified that he was indeed the son of Denis Rattle.