Poster from UCLA performance in 1957
Inesita performing Farruca at UCLA Schoenberg Hall in 1958 “Themes from Goya”
Inesita performing Farruca with Pepe Munoz in Mexico City concert 1956
Inesita dancing in Concert at Schoenberg Hall UCLA 1958
Inesita dancing in concert at Schoenberg Hall UCLA 1958
Inesita dancing in Mexico City 1956
Inesita dancing in concert Mexico City 1956

Inesita dancing in concert Mexico 1956

UCLA performances

Unknown image with fans and background.In the mid 1950’s we went  to Mexico and I performed two recitals in the Capital. One was an all-solo concert at the Instituto Americano with a Spanish Guitarist, Pepe Munoz and a pianist. There was coverage in the newspapers and beautiful programs were printed for the occasion.  Press notices were very good and it was very well attended. A similar program was arranged  at the Academia Burgunder, a fine Spanish dance school in Mexico City.  This, too, was received very well and  followed by a seminar for the students at the Academia. At that time I discovered my LP recording of Spanish Dances and Flamenco with Pablo MIquel and Juan Martinez, which had been recorded in New York City in 1954, was known and distributed in Mexico.

I renewed contact with Janet Riesenfeld, (Raquel Rojas ) and Oscar Tarriba. They both were impressed with my accomplishments. A gratifying experience!

That period was also marked by a flurry of interest in my work at UCLA in Los Angeles,  California. I was presented  in one woman programs by the Fine Arts Committee at Schoenberg Hall three times and twice at Royce Hall. After these appearances I  was booked at the  Lake Arrowhead conference Center in lecture demonstrations and remained active on the University campus over a number of years. Towards the end of the 1950’s I also had some other concert bookings in Ogden, Utah and in Phoenix, Arizona; this time collaborating with the well-known film personality, Leo Carrillo. ( He incidentally was at the opening of the Castellana-Hilton in 1953 when I was an honored guest and also performed as a dancer with guitarist.) Both concerts featured Mr. Carrillo as the headliner and I was the dance artist performing each time with a guitarist and pianist. Such was the situation in that era when the concert dates were separated by weeks or months so it was necessary to engage different accompanists. I had known Mr. Carrillo over many years going back to the days on Olvera Street.

Programs were also given in a solo format at the University of Southern California at Santa Barbara and Riverside. These appearances occurred in the 1960’s. I also was booked into a solo lecture concert at Beckman Auditorium ( Cal Tech). It consisted of a Lecture-Concert I presented in the same format as in many of the Colleges and Universities during that period. The second half was a complete concert of my flamenco dances accompanied by Carlos Rubio and Miguel Galvez a fine cantaor from Andalusia, Spain. In 1968 I did  a similar concert at the Inner City Cultural Center. This was excellently reviewed and a reception in my honor followed the presentation. A memorable event!Flyer for Inner City Cultural Center 1968

Beckman Auditorium ( Cal Tech) 1965 Poster