To the many individuals who have written comments in response to my blogs and posts I offer some insight into my activity on WordPress.

Since I have newly embarked on this venture, I am understandably unprepared to do more than present a view of my past experiences and explain  the nature of the art to which I am devoted.

As I have indicated, much has been written about flamenco and the Spanish dance; not all of it accurate or in depth. I offer information and a perspective as a performer and an observer over a very long time.

Flamenco or “Cante Jondo” is an organic system which constantly evolves over the years but remains alive through its participants. Flamenco always had a strong tradition and a rich vocabulary. The expression was earthy as it stemmed from the people; but at the same time retained its elegance.  Throughout this development, the power and pathos it conveys is greater than its participants and is the true genius. As time goes on, as in other forms of art, the vocabulary is altered.  As noted before, there is no narrative but feelings which have been embedded into the work. These are not personal feelings, but expressive form that comes out of  movement, dance gesture and the music which accompanies it. We tell no stories in Flamenco as the drama is in the action. The action in the dance is drama. It varies greatly with each artist who colors the dance and song with his or her own personality. 

I offer a point of view and welcome the thoughts of those who read these lines. Thank you.