As I wrote in previous stories, I appeared at Morley College, London, a number of times in concert and lecture-demonstrations. At the end of 1962 I performed three one and one half hour lectures over three weeks and this culminated in a full formal concert of the theater dances and pure flamenco. Bill Carey, a writer for Jazz News was alerted to the subject matter of my talks and he attended the concert in Emma Cons Hall, Morley College, presented later that month. Carey came backstage to speak with me. He wrote the accompanying article about my work. 

A quote from the full article is included in the press reviews of my dancing. This commentary appeared in the January publication of 1963. These were the impressions he had about the analysis of flamenco and its parallels to Jazz. It was a great tribute to me and to the form of Flamenco  music and dance.Jazz and the incomparable INESITA January 1963 London