A bow as guest artist in De Flores y Lunares. October 8th, 2017
Inesita in Alegrias escobilla De Flores y Lunares Oct. 8, 2017
A moment of dropping the panuelo on the bata Oct. 8, 2017 De Flores y Lunares.
A backbend during Alegrias at Havana Bar September 16, 2017
During Sevillanas Finale in De Flores y Lunares.
Inesita dancing Alegrias as Guest Artist in De Flores y Lunares October 8th, 2017

As I begin yet another phase of this  journey through life as a performer,  I am astonished that a renewed energy surges  within me. This is due to a culmination of events during the year leading to more interest in my work and surprise as I continue as a Spanish Dancer beyond any expectations I could I have imagined.

The film “Flamenco: The Enduring Art of Inesita”  is to have its “Premiere” at the Lady Film Maker’s Film Festival in Beverly Hills California on September 30, 2017. I await a reaction to the content of the documentary which aside from the actual filming and editing of Tina Love is the focus of this Portrait.

I have attempted to present an inside view of this dance form which has not been completely revealed before: an analysis of  its structure musically and visually.

Inesita at the Havana Bar and Restaurant September 16, 2017

A new vision awaits.