Inesita is a Spanish dance artist who has performed in all-solo concerts around the world including Madrid, London, Paris, New York, Valletta, Malta, and Mexico City.  American tours have taken her to communities and colleges from coast to coast. Born in New York City, she moved with her parents to Los Angeles where she was drawn to Spanish dance and Flamenco by its elegance and complexity of rhythms.  Further studies took her to Mexico and inevitably to Spain. In recent years she has developed a program of traditional Spanish dances choreographed to the harpsichord sonatas of Domenico Scarlatti where both the music and dance reflect the entire gamut of the Spanish idiom.


Flamenco is an Andalusian folk art, and the specific method, which makes flamenco possible, is found in no other existing music and dance.  Inesita demonstrates that the variations show a structure, continuity and emotional content, which identify with aspects of the seasonal pattern of renewal in nature. With the use of metaphors, the flamenco forms are translated into images out of the natural world and at the same time reveal the ambiguity of all forms of art and life itself.


Inesita’s lecture performances follow the format of programs that have been presented at London University, Morley College (a series of three), and Birmingham University in England.  Similar performances were done in the United States at Asia House in New York, Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, and Springfield College in Massachusetts. They also were presented at UCLA and at over thirty-five colleges and universities in Southern California. Because Flamenco music is unwritten, it is open-ended; therefore the dancer pilots the guitarist into interplay of syncopated and crossing rhythms.  It is a logical and mathematical system.


In May of 2001, Inesita was presented in concert by the Harpsichord Center in two performances featuring the Scarlatti dances and accompanied on the harpsichord.  The event in Brentwood was sold out. Recently she has performed at Casa Sevilla dancing pure flamenco with guitarist and singer.  In November 2003 Inesita gave two workshops for the Fiesta Flamenca Dance Company and members of the Nevada Ballet Theatre in Las Vegas. These dances were performed in a concert sponsored by the Community College in Las Vegas on January 10, 2004. Inesita danced two Scarlatti Sonatas with harpsichord, and appeared in the Escuela Bolera section featuring the dances she taught in the workshops. In the second part of the program she danced pure flamenco as guest artist. In February 2005, Inesita was again presented by the Harpsichord Center in two concerts.

Inesita in Martinete por Seguiriya March 18, 2017 with Clarita, cantaora. and Guitarists Stamen Wetzel and Benjamin.

Inesita’s program on October 21 will show “Flamenco” ; the true name which is “CANTE JONDO” in its genuine. traditional form.