Master Classes

As I have indicated in a previous article, teaching has not been my  special interest and has always been a private enterprise offered to those interested in coaching and serious study of Spanish Dance, flamenco, and the other forms of the dance art of Spain.

However, in the past a number of opportunities came up during my career to give master classes in a special situation.

The first of these occurred when I returned after my concert season on the East Coast and I had established a reputation. There was around the 1950’s an Organization known as the California Association of Dancing Teachers based in Los Angeles. I was approached by a dance teacher I knew for years to do a Master class and this was presented sometime in 1955.

A year later in Mexico City, in connection with two concerts I did in the Capital I presented a master class at a local dance Academy, the Carmela Burgander Spanish Dance School.

While in London, doing concerts and lecture- demonstrations on Flamenco in particular, I was invited to present a master class/lecture-demo for the Imperial Society of Dancing Teachers in London. It was held at Victoria Halls, London. This was undoubtedly a prestigious assignment and it was received enthusiastically.  This occurred in 1961 during the two years I spent in England. When I did two concerts in Liverpool presented by the English Speaking Union I was asked to do a master class in a local dance school while in that city.

I was also approached by a Dance teacher who attended the event in London, and had an Academy of Dance in Philadelphia. When I returned to New York she contracted me to do a master class at her school in 1962.

As time went on, and I did have a period of teaching privately in Los Angeles during the years 1970 to 1993, I conducted a master class at UC Irvine around 1990. These classes usually featured extensive verbal explanations.

In more recent years, I conducted master classes in Las Vegas during a concert there,  and one more in the Los Angeles area principally on the Escuela Bolera.