Inesita during performance at Schoenberg Hall July 1958.
Poster for Royce Hall November 1957.

After eight decades of performing I have at last collected and organized my “papers” to be placed in a Performing Art Special Collection at the Charles E.Young Research Library at UCLA. It has been transferred to the location for processing and cataloging as an Archive of my performing life. 

It is quite extensive and detailed, an accumulation of material in many forms of work I have done since my early years. Covering numerous locations and venues; a chronological survey of professional experiences which contains history of the dance forms of Spain, especially of Flamenco. It explores areas of music, structure and form, a philosophy of art, and some personal ideas. 

The background I have as a dancer touches on much territory of style, nuance, and  experimentation. Then too, having performed on the campus at UCLA further corroborates this material to be preserved there. My solo concert appearances, lectures- demonstrations, work with young children all attest to the scope of the work. Between the years of  1957- 1969 I was presented as a performing artist at the University so therefore it appears I have come “home” to a rightful place for future generations to study and compare the past, present, and the years to come. It is now offered to the world for dance historians, artists, and scholars.