INESITA December 2018

All of the “blogs” I have written during the past years since 2015, the year this WordPress site was initiated, have been concerned with my ongoing performance life. The only subjects were dance, music, theatrical background; my studies in Spain, Mexico, and early instruction I had in the United States.

None of the posts were written by any one else. The experiences represent  the many years I worked in the field. The writings also contained references to history, mythology, structure and form. They drew upon voluminous reading of other disciplines in the arts to compliment and underline my understanding of my chosen profession. The theme is mine. A photograph I took  of my own Spanish Shawls and castanets used in my dances are pictured to create this aesthetic.

I wished to set the record straight about this so that it may clarify for anyone “stumbling” on this Website.

Thanks to all,