A report on the progress of the Documentary being prepared about Inesita and her dance career. It is being produced by Claudia Wells and directed by Calix Lewis Reneau.

We had our second shoot yesterday in my studio and it was a long six hour day of set up/ narrative, demonstration and actual dancing ( in rehearsal clothes and without music) The subject covered the structure and form of flamenco such as I presented over the years at colleges and universities in Los Angeles, New York and England. So it is a serious endeavor. Because of the scope of this project it will be many months before it is released as a film. We will resume shooting in late August. Claudia the producer is leaving on a celebrity tour and will return in late summer. Eventually I understand it will be marketed to entities such as Netflix and AMC.        Inesita with Claudia Wells, Calix Reneau and the Cameraman, Mario. during shoot.

Claudia Wells and Inesita in Inesita’s studio during second day of filming. June 3, 2019