Inesita in her studio 2018


The Performance under Arte Flamenco Dance Theatre

 On Saturday March 14th 2020, I appeared presented by Clarita under the auspices of Arte Flamenco Dance Theatre. The title was FLAMENCO NIGHT, An Evening with Inesita. I was supported by Clarita as flamenco singer and guitarists, Stamen Wetzel. Benjamin and Gabriel Osuna, The Arte  Flamenco Ensemble of dancers and Almae as dance soloist.

I performed five of my solos and participated in the Fin de Fiesta ending of the program.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak and a chilly rainy night, the attendance was understandably poor. However, the small audience of hardy souls who attended the event were rewarded, in my opinion, with a very interesting and complicated dance experience.

 Naturally, there were flaws throughout the evening as the stress of crisis was palpable in the atmosphere. But, we were as professionals accustomed to the vagaries of show business and took it in stride.      

Because of the risk of close contact we did not conduct any “meet and greet” after the show.

At the end of my last dance, the Martinete por Seguiriya, as I turned slowly playing castanets and wrapped the train of my  dress around my ankles in place, Clarita and Gabriel wailed the verses of the Martinete, the most tragic of flamenco forms. The insistent clanging of metal against metal in the “compas” of Seguiriya simulated with knives evoked a mood of hypnotic melancholy. This was so suitable to the present moment. The lights slowly dimmed and when I stopped a blackout. When the light came up again I held my pose and slowly lowered my upraised arm. At that moment the audience rose and stood applauding.  A lovely tribute!

 This makes all the work worthwhile. I was grateful for the opportunity.