On Friday, August 28, we  essentially did a ‘wrap-up”on  the Inesita Documentary which began on May 25 2019. It was an extremely complicated endeavor and exhausting in its details. The location chosen was El Arte Flamenco Dance Theater The Center for World Dance. Clarita, the dancer and singer conducts her classes, workshops, performances and private lessons under these auspices. Since Clarita and Inesita have worked together very often over the years, this space  was a logical place to work on the Documentary. During the session Inesita was interviewed for the second time to elaborate on her life work and varied career.

An interview was also conducted featuring Clarita herself and her career and  background.  Mario Colangelo  directed and filmed along with the cameraman, Camilo Godoy . Most of the shooting involved capturing  moments from Inesita’s dances which have great scope and variety in the flamenco idiom. The physical activity itself was arduous and more taxing than a full concert evening. The accompanying images are a sample of the actual work and preparation in the filming. Also included are real dance images and a photo of the participants in the session.