Now that the August 14th , 2021 Event is part of history, it is time to have a “post mortem” as it were to evaluate the worth of attempting such an arduous task in the face of so many problems.

It is no secret that I have reached the astonishing age of 100 years; a state that I neither hoped for nor desired or expected!

For this reason and others I could enumerate, I found the idea of performing an act requiring great courage on my part to attempt.

The truth that it was accomplished with no serious consequences is both gratifying and stunning.

The attendance was excellent and the public was eager to come and enjoy a live performance after a long shutdown due to the pandemic.

They were rewarded with a program of Flamenco dance song and music with great variety and scope. At the conclusion of the show, we received a standing ovation.

As for myself, I had many criticisms of my own work due to stress, much rehearsing and attention to myriad details. Essentially I was my own producer, arranging the program and stage directions, and writing biographical material, planning stage decoration, and general organization and promotion.

To relate that this is tiring is an understatement and resulted in the draining of energy left to realize the actual performance.

In retrospect, I am pleased that this project was accomplished despite dire warnings about the perils of the pandemic, the risk to my own health, or to the public. As Shakespeare, put it “All’s Well that ends Well”