Havng now completed 100 years of life and surviving the vicissitudes of existence in so many facets, I can contemplate over this experience of the unbelievable time with greater insight.

Just having done the tremendous task of the performance of August 14th 2021, I have a perspective of my own to share. It is both an existential and philosophical dilemma to ponder over.

The “show” was in actuality a dance concert in format meant to convey the vast variety and scope of Spanish dance in all its forms It achieved that goal despite some misgivings on my part over details that might not have been apparent to the public.

Flamenco has many faces and runs the gamut of emotional content from tragic to gaiety and profound feelings.

The public response was enormous and was vocal and generous with applause and excited response. My fellow performers gave me firm support and I could not ask for more.

Overriding the obvious fact of my age and long running career it is a truth that a program of such depth and length would tax a person half my age.

The public gave us a standing ovation at the end and filled us with joy.

The result is a booking for a return engagement in March of 2022.

Apart from this a new enterprise of a documentary has begun and a great deal of film footage was made throughout the performance.

To say that I am gratified is an understatement and I look forward to the completion of this new endeavor with renewed confidence.

An image of myself waiting to enter into one of my dances is included in this blog and a Deja vu of a portrait from the the past as well.

I bow to my kind fate.