In thinking about thehe dance as a profession and the dedication it requires to fulfill the dream, I ind that the public in general regards thei wotk as a hobby or whim that one engages for a time and then leaves it aside to pursue a more traditional life path,’ Some are of the opinion that a dance typically has ten good years and that it seems sensible to put thei aside for a more reliable life. experiece

in the case of the Spanish dance flamenco in particular the pursuit of excellence in thei field is .astonding dinfly diffucult and demands sacrifice. i this seems and exageration an I have had many discuddions with others in this discipline and it is true that it sonetimes can take most of sones youth to achieve the excellence one strives for.Above all it is the exaltation of the moment of joy and all that the dance stands for. Exaltation!WITH DANCE GESTURE ON EXPRESSES WHAT CANNOT CONVET WITH WORDS1

one dancer friend of mine declared it takes fifteen lifetimes to learn all of it, so much for the consensusSome say now that the Spanish dance is extinct, What a pity if this is true, The rich vocabuary and atrong trDITION OFFEREF A LARGE SCOPE TO ANYONE WILLING TO STUDY SERIOSLY.

Picyured is an image from several years back with Stamen, Benjamin and Guillermo Gonzalez the cantaor saccompaning Inesita during an Allegrias THe intricaces o the flamenco rhymes alone is an enormous challenge.