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The Teaser for Inesita Documentary

Video from first day of Shooting on Inesita Documentary

http:/https://Facebook/calix8/videos/1015 May 27, 2019, we began filming the Inesita Documentary. Five hours were spent that day on interviews and various matters related to my life work and career.

A brief video was filmed to make an official announcement of the project. So far 22 hours of footage has been made. Editing is in progress, but all activity is suspended due to the covid-19 crisis.

As the pandemic progresses, there is uncertainty, but there will be follow up.



Flamenco: The Enduring Art of Inesita

Inesita at her Harpsichord
Inesita at the Lady Film Makers Festival October 2017.

Last year, Tina Love, a filmmaker and Flamenco dancer  who has danced in Inesita’s productions did a shoot at her studio and home of her career and long running resume in the field of Spanish Dance. It covered many aspects of the work and explored  in depth the structure and form  of this dance art in addition to some very early background in study and professional appearances in the United States and Internationally. In the 17 minute film. Inesita also plays Scarlatti on her Harpsichord to illustrate the connection and influence of Flamenco in the works of the composer who spent the last 25 years of his life in Spain as composer and teacher to Maria Barbara, the Queen of Spain.

It has recently been acknowledged by Lady Filmmakers as an outstanding documentary about a performing artist and will have its Premiere on September 30th at the  9th Annual Lady Film Makers Festival in Beverly Hills.

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