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APAC Performance: Flamenco Alhambra 2012

Flamenco is an Andalusian folk art. The method which makes flamenco possible, is found in no other existing music or dance.

Through the use of metaphors Inesita translates flamenco forms into images out of the natural world, while at the same time reveals the ambiguity of all art forms and life itself.

Inesita’s performances follow the format of programs presented at London University, Morley College (a series of three) and Birmingham University in England. In the United States similar programs have been presented at Asia House in New York and at the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival and Springfield College in Massachusetts. In addition the programs have been presented at UCLA and more than 35 Colleges and Universities in Southern California.

In recent years,  Inesita performed at the Café Sevilla, a flamenco tablao near Los Angeles dancing pure flamenco accompanied by guitarist and singer.

Read what the critics are saying:

Las Vegas:
“One of the evening’s highlights was a rare performance by Inesita, a dancer who has graced international stages. Her elegant poses, presence, footwork and castanets displayed the mature artistry of a master. “….In the hands of a virtuoso like Inesita, castanet-playing becomes high art.”
Hal de Becker, CityLife, Las Vegas

New York:
“Nothing but praise for Inesita … plays castanets like a musical instrument … a pleasure to watch … an artist.”
New York Times

 “The magnetism of a great performer is felt the moment she enters the stage. Inesita is such a performer.” An uncanny feeling for dramatic projection”

Walter Sorell, Dance Magazine

Los Angeles:
“Here is real genius, for she invests each number with individual meaning and vividness.”
Grace Kingsley, Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles:

“A true genius of the dance”

Wylie Williams, Hollywood Citizen News

“Inesita is lithe and supple and her dancing blends dignity and dynamism with telling effect.”
Daily Telegraph

“Her dancing has great elegance and her flamenco, in particular, had an air of restrained force which was much more effective than that unbridled exuberance so often to be found in the performances of “native” practitioners.”
The Guardian

“But as with all great artists – one quickly takes her technical brilliance for granted. What stands out most of all is her absorption into the particular mood of each dance…”
Ballet Today

“It is to be hoped that a wider public will be given the chance of seeing the very considerable art of Inesita.”
Dance and Dancers

“Jazzmen…..should be dragged forcibly to see and hear this young lady present, with her hands and feet, layer upon layer of complicated rhythms which, let’s admit it, are far beyond the present capacity of jazz rhythm sections to achieve… Inesita provided an evening of inflamed genius and, as a physical and emotional experience, this lovely woman’s work is of the kind which will appeal to every modern jazz addict- and for the very same reasons which make him so addicted…”
Jazz News, Bill Carey, London

Mexico City:
“All the soul of the exceptional artist.”

“Inesita dances the Zapateado and it is a feat! A brilliant act! She is
like royalty-and infinitely superior with dignity and nobility.”

(Elle etait infiniment superieure- Pour elle la danse espagnole est digne, noble-royaute. Inesita dansa le Zapateado, version Estampio. C’est la un exploit.)

“An elegant brunette, her castanet technique is excellent, and her Zapateado a model of virtuosity. -She is supple and vibrant, – has the prowess usually reserved for the male dancer.”
“Combat”, D.M.

(De la danseuse espagnole, cette brune et elegante jeune femme a le
physique-souple et vive, tres entrainee, elle realise jusqu’aux prouesses generalement reservees aux hommes. Son jeu de castagnettes est excellent et son Zapateado est un modele de virtuosite.)

Passion, Humor, and beauty–Dazzling Inesita
– “The mercurial temperament of the gypsies, the lightning passage from the tragic interpretation of life to the frenzied ecstasy and exaltation was excellently portrayed and deeply felt.”
– ” A daughter of the Albaicin could hardly have done better. The Zapateado with its concentrated tenseness was a tour de force of the highest quality, and admirably brought out the stuff Inesita is made of.”
– “Unlike many dancers,she uses her face as well as her body in her dancing and this infuses her performance with a strong personal richness.”
J.P.V., The Sunday Times of Malta.

“There is rooted in her pure spirit (angel) of the dance.”

“Inesita se dispone a demostrar como ha arraigado en ella el angel de la danza Arriba Madrid

“A cascade of grace, a torrent of fire.”

“Una cascada de gracia, como un torrente de nervio y energia.”
El Espanol

For more information about Inesita, upcoming shows or and how to book her for a performance please contact Inesita via email.